Booster “Rumble” into orbit the satellite is in the interests of the defense Ministry

The carrier rocket “Rokot” launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, and placed into orbit a satellite in interests of the Russian defense Ministry. About it reported in a press-Department service.

The Ministry said that the launch was conducted under the overall guidance of the commander of Space troops Deputy commander of the VKS, Lieutenant-General Alexander Golovko. “The launch vehicle and the removal of spacecraft into orbit passed in a regular mode”, – stated in the message.

A few minutes after the start of “Rokot” was taken to the support means of ground automated control of SCD, and the estimated time the device was launched into the target orbit.

This is the second launch of the carrier rocket “Rokot”, conducted from Plesetsk this year. The previous launch took place on 16 February. In 2016, from the Baikonur was conducted five launches of space rockets: three start ILV “Soyuz-2” and two the start of “Rokot”.