“Turpomosch” has promised to return stranded on Hainan Russians

Russian tourists can not fly from the island of Hainan aircraft of airline “UTair” because of the actions of the aviation authorities of the PRC, will be back on regular flights. About it “RIA Novosti” said the head of the Association “Turpomosch” Oleksandr Osaulenko.

Previously, the airline “UTair” reported that Chinese authorities have not given the airline permission to performance of Charter flights for June. This means that the carrier will not be able to deliver more than 400 Russians living on the island.

Osaulenko said that on the evening of June 3 was supposed to fly the plane and deliver the next batch of tourists to the island and take out the Russian tourists, to June 4, to bring them to Moscow. According to him, now there are negotiations, but the tour operator from their duties and not refuse”

“Tourists who need to fly tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, will be delivered by regular flights, including the Russian”, — said the head of “Turpomoschi”. He noted that it is not known when Charter is restored the message.