The media learned about a sharp deterioration in the condition of Muhammad Ali

The state of American boxer Muhammad Ali, was hospitalized the day before, is estimated as critical, reports the Mirror. According to the newspaper, the doctors informed the relatives of the athlete that the “end is near”.

As reported by Newspapers, kids boxer arrived at the hospital вечером3 June after doctors announced that the condition of the athlete “indefinitely”.

According to the newspaper, also examined the option of moving Ali to a hospital in another district, but was abandoned because, according to sources, this step could be “potentially deadly.”

On hospitalization boxer became izuzetno the day before, on 3 June. He was taken to the hospital because of lung problems.

Ali acted in heavy weight category. The absolute world champion in 1964-1966 and in 1974-1978 years. After Ali finished his sport career, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.