Military expert announced the release of “the newest Ukrainian tank

Until the end of the year Ukraine can produce a new tank “tireks” on the basis of Soviet tank T-64. About it in interview to the edition of “Apostrophe” said the Director of information and consulting company Defense Express Serhiy Zgurets.

“I know the situation — almost ready documentation, resolved issues with the defence Ministry. It will be one of the projects on modernization of tank T-64. According to my calculations, this work will be completed till the end of the year, if not affected by external factors, because there are other projects — a simpler, but less effective. I believe that the option “tireks” is the best,” said Zgurets.

He said that the new tank will have a desert the tower, as well as improved protection and new fire control system. Zgurets believes that due to these decisions, Ukraine will receive a tank compared to tanks of a potential enemy”. Work on the project leads engineering group “Azov”, he added.

The expert noted that the Ukrainian main battle tank “Bulat” does not fully allow the military to conduct night battles and protect them.

“The possibility of doing a night battle should provide all the armor available in the armed forces. Without that in modern conditions it is impossible to fight”, he concluded.

Soviet tank T-64 was developed in 1960-ies of the design Bureau of the Kharkov plant named after Malyshev. He was adopted by the Soviet army on 30 December 1966. The main armament of the tank was used by the 115-mm smoothbore gun D-68 separately core loading.