In the USA the plane crashed at an air show for Obama and graduates of air force Academy

During a graduation ceremony at the Academy of Military-air forces of the USA in Colorado, where prisutstvoval President Barack Obama, crashed military aircraft of the aerobatic team Thunderbird, reports CBS News.

The accident occurred 25 kilometers South of Peterson air force base, where the President revived his plane Air Force One. According to preliminary information, the pilot managed to eject. As a result of falling of the machine, according to unconfirmed reports, no one was hurt.

According to the channel, the plane crashed after aerobatic team Thunderbird finished his traditional speech at graduation ceremony of cadets of the Academy in Colorado springs. During flight of the aircraft, the graduates of the Academy were shouting and tossing up hats.

During the demonstration flight, no problems have involved aircraft, there was not, says the publication. At that time, when the plane went down, President Obama was still in the Academy, he was photographed with the graduates in the stadium. Data on the causes of the crash has not yet been reported.