EgyptAir commented on the data about the problems on the A320 on the eve of the crash

The head of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir, the A320 which crashed on 19 March during a flight from Paris to Cairo, denied reports that a day before disappearing from radar screens liner was sent a number of technical alerts about problems on Board.

“Not for me”, — said the head of EgyptAir Safwat Musallam on the sidelines of the annual IATA meeting in Dublin, reports Reuters.

According to him, the plane had not experienced any problems with the service before departure from Paris and was “normal”. “We have full confidence in the aircraft, and the pilot,” said Musallam.

Earlier Wednesday, French newspaper Le Parisien, citing data from the ACARS system, designed to transmit short messages between aircraft and ground stations, reported that the crashed A320 were recorded three times problems the day before the crash, but the crew has not reported them before the flight.

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In the Mediterranean sea, found the wreckage of the crashed airliner EgyptAir

In the Mediterranean sea discovered the wreckage of the A320 aircraft of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir. The first pictures of the wreckage was found was published by the Ministry of defence of Egypt. I’ve seen fragments of the plane…

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According to the publication, problems have been associated with the smoke. During the flight of the liner between Eritrea, Tunisia, Egypt and France in some areas of the aircraft, in particular, the toilet and the side compartment operated smoke detectors. A source at the airport said to Le Parisien that the smoke detectors could respond to the alarm signal for a moisture or vapor, but in recent years, according to him, they were greatly improved, which allowed not to give false alarms.

A320 vanished from radar screens over the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea in the early morning of may 19. Onboard the liner there were 66 people, including citizens of Egypt, France, great Britain, Canada. While investigators were unable to determine the cause of the crash, the search for black boxes continues.