By plane EgyptAir has recorded three cases of a problem in day of the crash

On the A320 EgyptAir, wrecked on 19 may, the day of the crash were recorded three times problems associated with smoke. This writes the French newspaper Le Parisien, citing data from the Address-отчtтной aircraft communications system (ACARS).

The incidents occurred during the flight of the liner between Eritrea, Tunisia, Egypt and France. In some areas, particularly in the bathroom and a side compartment operated smoke detectors. The crew did not report the incident during your last stop in Paris airport.

A source at the airport said the publication that the smoke detectors could respond to moisture or steam in the superheated cabin. Recently, however, according to him, they were greatly improved, which allowed them not to give false alarms. Now the question of why the crew members are not told about the problem, do the Egyptian investigators.

About the smoke signals on Board earlier told the experts of the French Bureau of inquiry and analysis for civil aviation safety. In this Wall Street Journal citing its sources wrote that the cause of the crash could be the false alarms of the smoke. According to the publication, in the performance of pilots provided for such activities in this model, the Airbus there is a possibility disable some safety systems, including automatic protection of flight controls. An international group of experts told the source, considers the version about the fact that the crew might have inadvertently disabled several key systems of the ship.

A320 flying Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar screens over the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea on may 19. On Board were were 66 people, including citizens of Egypt, France, great Britain, Canada. As possible causes of the disaster was also called an explosion on Board.

On the eve of the Mediterranean sea recorded signals from the seabed, which, presumably, could have sent the “black boxes” of the missing plane. The search area was reduced to a five-kilometer region.