Convicted for the attack on Filin soloist of the ballet was released early

Artistic Director of the Bolshoi theater Sergei Filin

Sentenced to 5.5 years imprisonment on charges of assaulting former artistic Director of the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theatre Sergei Filin, a former ballet soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko on parole from a penal colony in the Ryazan region, reports TASS with reference to the lawyer condemned.

“Pasha is indeed released on parole, he is already at home in Moscow”, — told the Agency’s lawyer Sergei Kadyrov. He said the Agency “Interfax” that the petition for conditional release granted by the court.

The TASS source familiar with the situation, reported that the dancer is going to resume his career and, perhaps, to return to the Bolshoi theater.

Dmitrichenko himself on his page on Facebook thanked all who supported him. “Your kind hearts have been a beacon of hope in a difficult way. Truth won out over lies. The undeniable truth: for whom the truth-and he is stronger. See you friends,” wrote the ex-soloist of the Bolshoi theatre.

The attack on Sergei Filin was committed in January 2013. On Trinity street is unknown splashed in the face by the artist sulphuric acid and disappeared.

The victim for a long time was on treatment in Germany, underwent more than 20 operations. In the assassination of accused leading soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Pavel Dmitrichenko. In December 2013 Dmitrichenko was convicted.

In addition, criminal proceedings were brought Yuri Zarutsky, as the direct executor of a crime and Andrei Lipatov, his partner. The court also ordered the defendants in the case about the attack on Filin 3.5 million rubles.compensation.

According to investigators, Dmitrichenko was not satisfied, as the head of the ballet troupe of artists was appointed to the role in productions and distributed cash payments. For the attack he was hired Zarutsky, the neighbor in the country, and that, in turn, drove to the crime scene Lipatov. Dmitrichenko denied his guilt. Zarutsky claimed he committed the crime on his own initiative.