The demand for the may “cyber Monday” came in below expectations

Summer mood

In the second year for “cyber Monday”, organized by the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT; unites 20 companies), was attended by 300 retailers — a third more than in the January campaign. The average discount on the goods displayed in the online showcase (the official website), were 17 percentage points (PP) higher than in winter, and amounted to 40%, said RBC representative of the AKITA. Maximum discount is up to 80-90% — provided to the company from the segment of clothing and accessories (for example, KupiVIP, Podiumluxe, Paper-shop, Lamoda), as well as the stores of home goods, furniture and decor (LikeMyHome, DG Home, etc.), the interlocutor speaks in AKITA. Active buyers from the regions: the traffic outside the capital rose by 7% compared with the January action.

The specialists of “Yandex.Market”, which analyzed the proposals of the ten major stores — participants of the action (“M. Video”, Enter, Media Markt, etc.), differ from the data provided by the organizers. The average discount in the period of may shares amounted to the same 14% that in January Cyberpowerinc”, found in “Yandex.Market. However, if in January, for example, 18% of analyzed by the experts of “Yandex.Market of goods went up, instead of “throw” in price, the current share of such offers was only 5%. Discounts on tablets, laptops and smartphones were mostly in the range of 9-12%. Cheaper — on average by 15% — it was possible to purchase small appliances (Hairdryers, blenders, electric shavers, and “smart” watches), present data in “Yandex.Market.

May Cyberpowerinc ” AKITA decided to carry out at the request of the retailers that this action can support the sale in the summer season. “From sellers with the start of summer begins a new season, and they need to “dump drains” — to sell the old collection of goods, and buyers in return can get the goods at a discount”, — explained RBC the purpose of yet another “cyber Monday” Aleksey Fedorov, managing partner of the largest online retailer of 220 Volt in the category DIY (Do-it-yourself) and President of AKITA.

As he wrote RBC, the organizers hoped that additional revenue growth of stores compared to the usual day will be 19 billion rubles project Manager Maria Timofeeva said that the turnover of retailers will be counted later, because the action itself extended for an additional day (31 may). In her words, “to get closer to this figure is quite real” — however, the results of the two days of the sale. Retailers surveyed by RBC dispersed in the estimates of the first day of “cyber Monday”.

Insufficient demand

Some of the interlocutors in a conversation with RBC pointed to the “lack” of traffic. The number of hops from the website of the organizers Cmonday in the may sale was three times less than during the January of the campaign, told RBC representative of a large store that sells appliances and electronics. “Large purchases — TVs, appliances and other consumer rarely plan for may and the summer, and small electronics buyers already waiting for the autumn novelties”, — said the interlocutor of RBC.

Disappointed and head of the online store Charuel, Alexander Filippov. The online retailer has experience in the autumn sale for Black Friday, so the company is counting on the “excellent results” and “cyber Monday”. Advertising the sale the retailer spent 100 thousand rubles., said Filippov. “The campaign not only paid off, but also brought direct losses because not reached the expected level of traffic from the site,” explained the head Charuel. The calculation was as follows: get about 500 orders for traffic 35 thousand (conversion of 1.5), in the end, the first day brought only ten orders up to 2.4 thousand visits to your website Charuel.

In Inventive Retail Group, which took part in “cyber Monday” with two projects — an online shop of designers Lego and the Internet Sony store ( also noted a decline in interest from buyers. The shop with equipment Sony reduction compared to January, the share amounted to 60% of the traffic volume and 40% in the number of orders made, told RBC Director of e-Commerce companies Eugene Usenko.

Compared with the January “cyber Monday” activity of buyers at the sale this time increased significantly less. The number of clicks with Yandex.Market” on the pages of the stores participating in the campaign in January, increased by approximately 75% compared to a normal Monday, and in today’s “cyber Monday” — about 12%. The subsidence of traffic the specialists of “Yandex.Market” associated with the beginning of the holiday season and the end of the school year, experts do not exclude that the January Cyberpowerinc ” not made a proper impression. Maria Timofeeva connects the data “Yandex.Market so that buyers in advance preparing for the sale, make a shopping list, and then precisely go to the sites they are interested in stores.

However, if we compare the day of the sale with “classic” on Monday, the majority of retailers has increased and the number of visitors to the site, and the number of purchases.

Non-classical growth

In the online store Lego the increase in the number of buyers was up 25%, sales by 50% compared to “normal” Monday, said Usenko. In “Roztekh” (“wild Orchid”) overall site traffic has grown in relation to the “ordinary may day” four times and was higher than January’s 40%, and the revenue of the online store has recorded a tenfold increase, cited data from the company’s representative, Director of remote sales Yekaterina Kirichenko. In “Eldorado” and the number of visitors and the turnover has increased by 20%, said Vice President of operations of the company Pavel Novak. He noted a surge of interest from consumers from some of the Siberian cities.

For “Olmert” may “cyber Monday” has become “one of the most successful”, said commercial Director of the retailer Oleg Pchelnikov. According to him, revenues in comparison with normal day increased by 50%. Doubled sales and KupiVip, has told the commercial Director of the retailer Julia Dengshikou. According to her, the conversion rate of the site increased by 20% in comparison with average indicators, and the traffic increased by 44%. In the Hermitage the official online store (sells Souvenirs, inspired by the masterpieces of the Hermitage), as told by his representative Elizaveta Chugunova, may 30 dynamics of the sales exceeded 600% compared to a normal day in may. “A pleasant surprise was the conversion of most of the visitors who entered from the site “cyber Monday” made order,” said Chugunova.

In the may “cyber Monday” took part and somewhat unusual for the format of the project participants. In particular, made a discount on cleaning service Participation in ciberespacio brought the company 70 new orders and more than 170 thousand rbl. of the turnover. “It was 1480 referring site, and we still “catch up” those users with retargeting. The guys [Cmonday] big traffic on the website, and if someone doesn’t order a cleaning service now so will order then,” said the Director of marketing and business development novel Kumar Vias.

Participated in the “cyber Monday” and the player of the stock market CC “Finam”. The company offered two products — “Shop stock” (works like a online store) and trading on major global exchanges. At the time of the action “Finam” do not take a Commission for their services. “Against the backdrop of the previous days at “the Store shares” the increase in traffic was two-fold, the number of applications increased by 30%”, — said the head of online marketing “Finam” Roman Mukhin. Range trading interested in the few — perhaps the audience of “cyber Monday” did not really understand the essence of the product, says Mukhin. In his words, consumers “are more willing to respond to a real product offer.

With the participation of Irina Uzbekova