Suzuki announced the lowering of fuel consumption of 26 models

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Minicar sales of Suzuki cars in Japan have experienced an 18% fall in may after the company admitted that they used illegal methods of testing fuel economy, reports Bloomberg.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Osamu Suzuki said at a press conference on Tuesday that in General violations touched 26 models — 14 — the direct Suzuki, and 12 of those supplied to other manufacturers. However, he noted that managers are likely to be asked to pay compensation in connection with the incident.

May 18, the day about the illegal practices of the testing was announced, the share price also experienced a decline — by 9.37%. Bloomberg then noted that the most serious falling of quotations of the company for more than seven years. Currently, however, the stock Suzuki was leveled and comprise of 2.84 thousand yen ($25,61).

The automaker acknowledged that in determining the fuel consumption of more than ten car models have used methods that did not meet the current rules. Thus in Suzuki referred to the global financial crisis of 2008 and the increase in the volume of work on the development of new models and engines, what was the cause of underinvestment in infrastructure and lack of staff to conduct appropriate testing.

Suzuki Motor Corp. acknowledged the violation of the rules after Japan’s transport Ministry asked the manufacturers to conduct an internal check on the background of the scandal with Mitsubishi Motors.

Mitsubishi was the first Japanese automaker, admitted the falsification of test results fuel consumption. The company reported that the testing methods of saving fuel that do not conform to the Japanese rules, used since 1991, and falsified test results were more than 600 thousand vehicles.