Russian aircraft destroyed objects of oil field ISIS in Syria

Russian aircraft destroyed the illegal oil industry to terrorists in Syria, announced on Tuesday, may 31, the Ministry of defense of Russia.

“The Russian air force in the Syrian Arab Republic continues execution of the task to undermine the economic base of the terrorists ISIS. So, in the area of the settlement At Taura, located 42 km South-West of raqqa bombers su-34 destroyed the illegal oil industry to terrorists”, — stated in the Information Bulletin of the Center for conciliation of the warring parties in Syria, published on the website of the Ministry of defense.

According to the Russian military, the last day of the cessation of hostilities was observed in most Syrian provinces. Five of the violations recorded in the province of Damascus. Formation claiming to be the opposition group “Jaish al-Islam fired mortars sanatorium Ibn al-Walid in the government quarter in Dahiat al-Assad, as well as the positions of the Syrian armed forces in the towns of Duma, Gour al-Basha and in Caubere.

Attempts to undermine the cessation of hostilities continues to take groups of international terrorist organization “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”. During the day it was fired from jet systems of volley fire and mortars in the village of Handout, quarters Meydan, Sheikh Maqsood, Asia, North-Eastern part of the Old quarter of Aleppo, the airport of al-Nayrab. In Latakia province, the terrorists fired at the village of rush, ARD El-Wool and Carmel, in the province of HOMS — the settlement Hirbet-El-Mary and checkpoint Syrian troops in the area of kafer-Nan, in the province of Damascus — town Haouch-Kharab, in the province of Quneitra — town of Jaba. Do not stop the attacks of the militants “Jabhat EN-Nusra” in the position units of the Syrian armed forces near the settlement Muham-Handout the province of Aleppo. All attacks repulsed government troops and militia units.

“Russian aerospace forces and the Syrian air force on opposition militias, declared a cessation of hostilities and reported in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation of their location information, the strikes did not cause”, — noted in the defense Ministry.

The ceasefire in Syria is valid from February 27, 2016. It does not apply to organizations and groups recognized by the UN security Council as terrorist.