National center for contemporary art came to search

The building of the State center for contemporary art in Moscow, June 2012

The FSB carried out searches in the building of the national centre for contemporary arts (NCCA) in Moscow. About it reports TV channel “Rain” with reference to its source.

The interlocutor of TV channel has told that FSB officers are looking for evidence linking the former Director of the NCCA Mikhail Mindlin, Deputy Minister of culture Gregory Pirumov. The latter is under arrest on charges of embezzlement of funds in the restoration of objects of cultural heritage.

The employee of the press service of the NCCA said the “Rain” that the security services engaged in “standard procedure” searches. According to her, the security services are “standard procedure” searches. If equipment is withdrawn or the documents, she said. She has not confirmed the information about when searches Pirumova.

About the searches also reports the Agency “Interfax”, also citing a source in the NCCA. Official review of guidance center or a confirmation from a law enforcement Agency failed to obtain.

Earlier, the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky announced the merger of the NCCA with the State Museum and exhibition center “ROSIZO”. A combined structure was headed by the head of the ROSIZO Sergey Perov. Mindlin meanwhile, was appointed to the post of Director of the Central Museum of ancient Russian art named after Andrei Rublev.

Deputy Minister of culture Pirumov is currently under arrest. The consequence considers as the organizer of criminal group which in the spring of 2015 has achieved the conclusion of state contracts with a company controlled by them for the restoration of Novodevichy convent with a total amount of 127 million rubles the Investigation insists that the band falsified certificates about performance of works and inflated their value. As a result, from April to December the firm was listed in the advance of 50 million rubles from the budget.

Pirumova also charged with embezzling funds in the restoration of three more objects: the Drama theatre in Pskov, St. John the Baptist monastery and Museum of cosmonautics in Kaluga. He does not admit his guilt.

The employee of the press service of the NCCA told the channel that the security services engaged in “standard procedure” searches. She did not specify whether the seized equipment or documents.