Former adviser of the head of Federal Agency for fishery called provocation “history with a bribe”

Insignia on uniforms for officials of the Federal Agency for fishery

Former adviser to the head of the Agency Yuri Hohlov refuted earlier information about its detention on suspicion in receiving a bribe. According to him, he is now in Moscow on the loose.

“No bribes did not give me, I will not be detained, any restrictions of freedom in relation to me not. No charges I was not filed,” — said the Ukrainians, “Interfax”.

He also said details of the incident, calling the incident “a theatrical provocation”. According to him, “on Tuesday, may 24, an attempt was made to do an imitation of bribery on the part of some law enforcement bodies with participation of the actor.”

Khokhlov explained that the post of adviser to the head of the Agency he was responsible for cooperation with leading enterprises of the industry and prospective investors and held working meetings with relevant representatives.

“During one of the meetings, which were held on Tuesday, the following happened: as soon as negotiations began both of the two present I have been previously unknown — at our table there was law enforcement officers who inspected one of the people present at the table and discovered he had a large sum of money. The situation was presented as an attempt to bribe, then was drafted the Protocol”, — said the Ukrainians.

He added that protested and with the support of the witnesses wrote in the report that there is no transfer of money was not, “and was theatrical provocation”.

According to Khokhlova, notifying the head of Department about the incident, he decided to submit a letter of resignation. “Because the incident is damaging not only my reputation, but to the office, I decided to submit a letter of resignation at own will. On Friday, my application was granted and I, starting Friday, are not employee of the Agency,” — said the former official, noting that he considered the incident “an organized provocation to discredit the activities of the Agency as part of the ongoing policy of strengthening state control in the fishing industry”.

Khokhlova on detention on suspicion in receiving a bribe of $3 million
on Monday evening, according to sources “Interfax”. According to the Agency, an official for the money promised to help in the appointment of an unnamed citizen to a senior position Kamchatka research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography (Kamchatgtu, included in the Federal Agency for fishery). Sources TASS also podrezali information about the detention of Khokhlova. “Novaya Gazeta” wrote that Ukrainians expressed their willingness to cooperate with the investigation. In his testimony he claims to be a mediator, and the question of the approval of the head of the University is the responsibility of the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov.