The power unit of the Kursk nuclear power plant temporarily stopped working due to a malfunction

The first unit of Kursk NPP on Monday morning suspended work due to a malfunction of a turbogenerator, according to TASS with reference to the management of public relations of the station.

The work of the unit was stopped in 04:33 GMT-triggered automation. The fault is qualified at the level of “out of scale” on the International rating scale for nuclear events, INES. Thus, it is immaterial for the security noted on the station.

“The radiation background at Kursk NPP and in the area of its location is at the level corresponding to the normal operation of power units and does not exceed natural background values”, — said the press service.

Now at the Kursk nuclear power plants operating the third and fourth unit. The second is for scheduled maintenance.

The first unit was plugged in and works on 17 may, reported on the website of nuclear power plants. Before that, it was also held repairs.

The power units of Kursk NPP were commissioned in 1970-1980-ies, however, in 1994-2009 they were “deep technical modernization.” Station as part of JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom” (part of state Corporation “Rosatom” and is the largest in the Central Russian Chernozem generating source of energy.

In March was temporarily halted one of the reactors of Leningrad NPP. It happened because of a defect grid. Another incident at this station occurred in December of last year. Then the reason for the stop block was the defect on the part of the steam line low pressure.