The media learned about the possible directions of flights from the new airport of Moscow

Monday, may 30, will be inaugurated on the fourth international airport of Moscow — Zhukovsky. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the press service of the company-investor “Ramport Aero”, as well as the press-service of the state Corporation rostec, which owns a 24% plus 1 share of “Rampart Aero.

At the same time on the website of the government of Russia reported that on Monday a new international airport in Zhukovsky, will visit the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. It is noted that during this visit he will present a plan for the development of the airport and new passenger terminal. Also at the event will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov and Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

On 26 may, the Governor of the Moscow region in interview to TV channel “360” reported that the opening of the airport will be “next week”. He noted the importance of this event.

Airport Zhukovsky (Ramenskoye earlier) was scheduled to open in late March, but, as explained by “Vedomosti” a person close to “Rostechnadzor”, “some more time was spent on obtaining all the permits”. So, according to him, the last certificate of compliance aviation security — Federal air transport Agency issued “literally at the end of last week”.

As told to an unnamed Federal official, the Federal air transport Agency applications from foreign carriers for flights from Zhukovsky neither in the form R (regular flights) or the form N (charters), however, the opening of the new air port will participate SCAT Airlines (Kazakhstan) and Air Canada. “They will hold presentations, will drive the aircraft may, for one-off permissions to fly, but it is unknown whether the passengers”, — he said.

This information newspaper confirmed employees of both airlines. “The opening will take the participation of our delegation, we plan a flight from Zhukovsky, — said the employee of the Russian representation SCAT. “In the opening participate, coordinate with the airport slots, agree with terrestrial services,” in turn, said the employee of Air Canada.

The main drawback of “Zhukovsky” experts and managers of the airlines called bad transport accessibility of the airport, according to “Vedomosti”. However, according to Deputy General Director of “Ramport Aero” Sergey Ryzhov, in September, the Railways will restore the closest to the airport railway station “Rest”, which allowed Express.