At the stadium in Barnaul there was a big fire

In Barnaul building caught fire, then the fire moved into some buildings of the sports club and stadium “KOMMUNAL”, reports regional EMERCOM Department.

Information about the fire at St. Malakhov, 134. came in at 9:38 (MSK). The fire area has made 400 sq. m. According to preliminary data, victims and victims no. Management reports that the building is lit with an open fire, but he managed to localize.

At the same time, eyewitnesses told local newspaper that during the fire affected two rescuers. According to them, one firefighter was crushed off the door. According to eyewitnesses of events during the fire was heard a few claps, the explosion occurred. They also report that covered Vzletnaya St., which is located next to the stadium.

The newspaper also posted a video of the fire taken by eyewitnesses.