The WSJ learned about the plans of OPEC to change the cartel’s Secretary General next week

The organization of countries-exporters of oil (OPEC) will probably choose a new Secretary General next week. Presumably, this is the only concrete solution that will be adopted during the meeting of the cartel, told The Wall Street Journal representatives of national delegations.

As the WSJ notes, the 13 member countries of OPEC, which controls more than a third of world production, over the last two years actually was not able to reach agreement on various issues. The current Secretary General Abdalla Salem El-Badri ready for retirement since 2013, however, remained the leader, as the cartel members could not agree on a new candidate.

The selection of a new Secretary General will be a test of the “fragile unity” of the organization’s members after they failed to agree on measures for stabilization of the oil market, said a representative of OPEC, attended a series of meetings in Vienna before the meeting, which is scheduled for June 2. “This will give us to understand, smoothed out, or whether the situation has become even tougher,” said one of the delegates of the organization.

Between members of OPEC and other countries for a long time negotiations about the possibility to freeze production to support oil prices. It was expected that such an agreement will be reached during the April meeting in Qatar, but in the end, the negotiations ended bezrezultatno.

The OPEC Secretary General has no real power, but he often takes the role of a person who is able to smooth over differences inside Karelia, notes the WSJ. Badri is a representative of Libya and remains a “neutral observer” for a rivalry within OPEC, for example, between Saudi Arabia and Iran, or the rich and bednarski countries such as Kuwait and Venezuela.

Nigeria invited for the post of Secretary General Mohammed Barkindo, byvshee managing Director in the state oil company. He also served as acting Secretary General. In turn, Venezuela insists that the position to take Ali Rodriguez, who has long been PREDSTAVITEL from OPEC countries in Latin America.

According to representatives of OPEC and Indonesian officials, Indonesia re-joined OPEC in December, also intends to propose a candidate for the post of General Secretary. Moreover, the representatives of the OPEC from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries told the WSJ that support Barkindo. According to interlocutors of the newspaper, he has the necessary experience, and is a native of the African country that will not take sides in conflict between States in the middle East.