The General Director “STS Media” Juliana Slaschova will leave the company

General Director of “STS Media” Juliana Slaschova

The sources of “Vedomosti” close to owners “STS Media” (STS, “Home”, “Pepper”), told the newspaper that the CEO Yuliana Slascheva will leave the company. She Slaschova, who joined the company in August 2013, has not responded to the call of the newspaper.

The interlocutors of “Vedomosti” clarify that it is a joint decision Slashhevoj and shareholders. They are not told the publication, who will become the new CEO of the company. The sources of “Vedomosti”, close to NMG, said that the post meant Vyacheslav Murugov, General producer of the former “CTC Media”.

Major shareholders “STS Media” are the founder of Bank Rossiya, Yuri Kovalchuk with partners YUTV holding of Alisher Usmanov and Ivan Tavrin.

Slascheva has replaced on a post of the General Director of “CTC Media” in August 2013, succeeding Boris Podolsky. Prior to that, she worked in the field of PR. In 1994 Slascheva came to the position of Intern in the strategic communications Agency “Mikhailov and partners”, and from 2005-2013 he worked as President of the company. Her husband is the founder of the company Sergei Mikhailov, who heads the TASS. Slaschova also advised major Russian companies and government agencies.

Polled by the Directors of media companies were surprised by the choice Slashhevoj for the post of the General Director “STS Media”. Some of them assumed that her appearance is associated with a good relationship with Kovalchuk, who appointed a trusted person.

Income CTC Media” in 2015 fell faster than the overall market, “Vedomosti”. The revenue of “STS Media” for 2015 declined in dollar terms doubled, from $710,4 million in 2014 to $350,56 million rubles the company’s revenue decreased by 24%, whereas the revenues of the entire TV advertising market by 14%, wrote RBC.

According to TNS, in whole, from 2011 to 2015, the proportion of STS in the audience 10-45 years of age fell from 11.8% to 8%.

Last year 75% of “CTC Media” was sold to the YUTV holding of Alisher Usmanov and Ivan Tavrin. On such step the company had to go to meet the new requirements of the law “On mass media”, which from 2016, prohibits foreigners from owning more than 20% in the founder of any Russian media. Prior to that, the largest package in company owned owned by Swedish Modern Times Group (38.6 per cent).