British special forces conducted the first combat operation in Libya

British commandos carried out the first military operation in Libya, which with the help of the missiles were destroyed by two bombs in the truck, “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). This was reported by The Times, the Libyan commander in Misrata, Mohammed Durat.

“My military unit only works with English. I met with them personally, and they destroyed two vehicles that were directed against my troops,” he said. “The Americans and English here working together, helping us,” — said the military.

This case was the first indication that the British are fighting with ISIS in Libya, says the publication. Attack to assist the Libyan rebels, helped to stop the advance of terrorists in Misrata, which is a strategically important city, the publication adds.

In April 2016, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Philip Hammond said that in future the British military can be sent into Libya to fight ISIS.

On 25 may, the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament Crispin blunt said that British special forces used in Libya.