Archaeologists said the discovery of the tomb of Aristotle

A group of Greek archaeologists said that during the excavations they could find the grave of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. The statement was made during the conference “Aristotle, 2400 years”, which was held in Thessaloniki, reports Deutsche Welle.

Archaeologist Consts Sismanidis said that he has “compelling evidence” that, during excavations, was found the burial place of philosopher. He stressed that direct evidence is not.

He explained that the tomb of Aristotle is not far from the outskirts of the town of Stagira, where the philosopher was born. At the burial of human remains not found.

In this state, the Greek Agency Anampa clarifies that the actual burial-place found in 1996, but was not confirmed that it belongs to Aristotle.

Aristotle died in the year 322 BC. He was raised by a commander of Alexander the great, was himself a student of Plato. Considered one of the most famous and influential philosophers of the ancient world.