The court sanctioned the arrest of former top-managers Mirax Group

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the court sanctioned the arrest of former Vice-President Mirax Group Dmitry Lutsenko, the Chairman of the Board of the company Maxim Temnikov, as well as member of the Board of Directors Alexey Adikaev. All three of them wanted, as they managed to escape abroad.

The consequence suspects a top-managers of fraud in especially large size. As pending court Sergei Polonsky, they allegedly kidnapped RUB 2.6 billion collected from investors during the construction of the residential complex “Kutuzovskaya mile” and “Rublevsky Riviera”.

The case against Lutsenko, told the newspaper one of the leaders of defrauded co-investors Sergei Labute may be due to the fact that the Vice-President Mirax Group was in charge of the company and funds, through which funds were actively involved in “Kutuzovsky mile”.

The representative of the protection Lutsenko pointed out that his client does not admit his guilt and now is on treatment.

The former head of the Mirax Group Polonsky several years in hiding in Cambodia, but in may 2015, was deported for alleged violation of the migration regime. In Moscow he was placed in SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”. In late December, a court extended his arrest, refused to release on bail in the amount of 20 million rubles.