Phuket was found dead by Russian programmer

Russian citizen found dead in one of the apartments in PAO Rank on Phuket, reports The Nation citing data from police.

The body of 38-year-old programmer found his colleague, who came to his home after he did not come out on Monday at work.

According to the police major of Phuket, a colleague programmer saw a trickle of blood coming from under the door of the balcony of the apartment of Russian, and noticed a strong smell of decay coming from the room. The man reported this to the service personnel of a residential building who called the police.

The Russian was dressed only in shorts, his left arm was stuck a syringe, and was tied above the harness. Near the body lay things associated with taking drugs, but no illicit substances the police found.

Traces of blood in the facial area were insignificant, the body had signs of violence. Signs of a robbery was found, the police added.

The exact cause of death of the Russians will install the forensic examination.