Peskov called “brainstorming” meeting of the economic Council in the Kremlin

The Kremlin called “brainstorming” meeting of the presidential economic Council, which will be held on may 25. The journalists said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC.

“Showcases a variety of expert points of view, you know, they’re already actively sets out in the media. Is and [Alexei] Kudrin and [Boris] Titov and [Sergei] Glazyev, and other participants. We are talking about the expert viewpoints that will speak out in the consultation plan, for the information of the President and the economic bloc of the government,” — said Peskov.

He explained: “the Meeting will be a brainstorm to these views of the expert were taken into account by those responsible for the economic development of our country”. Peskov added that “the event is not intended to elaborate a list of concrete actions”.

Informed about the nature of the proposals that different departments are preparing for the meeting, Putin said, in particular, “Vedomosti”. According to the newspaper, the Center for strategic research, the ex-Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin has prepared a presentation, which stated that the task to reach the average annual economic growth rate of 4% is achievable taking into account performance. CSR also suggested, in particular, to make changes in the judicial and law enforcement systems, to carry out pension reform to reduce the share of government in the economy.

The office of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, in turn, proposed to create a budgetary infrastructure funds to co-Finance investment projects at the expense of future tax revenue from them.

As previously wrote RBC, on may 25, the Kremlin’s business Ombudsman Boris Titov and his colleagues will present at the meeting, the program “Economics of growth”. In particular, Titova supporters believe that the program will allow you over a decade to bring Russia into a world leader in several economic indicators.