Coca-Cola halted production in Venezuela due to the lack of sugar

Because of the shortage of sugar in Venezuela, Coca-Cola suspended production of its products in this country. It is reported Bloomberg citing the press-Secretary of company Kerry Tressler.

“Sugar suppliers in Venezuela told us that temporarily cease their activity”, — he said. Tressler added that his company is negotiating with suppliers and public authorities to solve the issue.

Coca-Cola is not the first major company, which had to suspend production due to a shortage of raw materials in Venezuela. As recalled by Bloomberg, for the same Mare previously had to go Heinz Company Kraft and Clorox.

April 30, the largest beer producer in Venezuela, Polar is also suspended work. The reason for this was the shortage of currency, which the company could not buy barley from abroad.

In Venezuela since January has extraordinary economic situation, in mid-may, the country’s President Nicolas Maduro extended it once again. A severe economic crisis in Venezuela is accompanied by a three-digit inflation, shortages of goods, and constant outages of water and electricity.