Bo Andersson became a teacher at the University after leaving AVTOVAZ

The former President of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson has found a new job — he became a teacher at the Germany University in Sweden. About it said Andersson in an interview with Automotive News published on Monday. The former head of Russia’s largest automaker will lecture for the procurement of candidates for the MBA degree.

Andersson says he values the experience of working in Russia at the AVTOVAZ auto plant: “It is a very tough market.” He also explained why he left the company. The main reason, he said, were massive layoffs, without which “AVTOVAZ” could not remain profitable amid the collapse of the domestic market. In the interview he also mentioned about corruption.

Andersson headed AVTOVAZ in early 2014, he was signed a contract for three years. But in early 2016, the General Director of “rostec” Sergey Chemezov expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Andersson. On 3 April he was dismissed without compensation. The position of President of AVTOVAZ was held by the former head of the Romanian Dacia, Nicolas Maure. In March, at a meeting with employees of “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson said that he will leave Russia.

In the past year, the company received a record net loss of 74 billion rubles. the company’s Sales for the year decreased by 31%, to 269,1 thousand cars. Controlling shareholder of AVTOVAZ — Renault-Nissanи and rostec have agreed on a recapitalization of the company, but the parameters have not yet been disclosed.