Stratfor pointed to the “strange silence” of terrorists after the collapse of the A320

In the Mediterranean sea discovered the wreckage of the plane A320

While the investigation of the crash of a-320 liner of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir is continuing, representatives of the terrorist save the world “strange silence”, says in a new report, American intelligence-analytical company Stratfor.

Analysts suggest that this may be an indication that the cause of the crash could be a technical malfunction and not a terrorist attack.

Stratfor underlines that the terrorist group “Islamic State” and “al-Qaeda” (both banned in Russia) have an uneasy relationship with the public and the media through which they could assert their responsibility for what happened. However, in the latter case, when suffered crashes Russian airliner in the skies over the Sinai, “Islamic state” on the same day, took responsibility for the disaster, noted the experts of the company. They also remind that after the attacks in Paris and Brussels, the ISIL terrorists are also on the same day announced its involvement in these attacks.

“Judging by previous attacks, if “Islamic state”, al-Qaeda or any of their regional branches would stand behind this attack, we would have to date have seen a Declaration of responsibility for it,” writes Stratfor.

At the same time, analysts do not rule out that the silence of the terrorists may be on other, more “scary” reason. “More terrible, but less likely explanation is that a terrorist group seized a new way of attack of the aircraft and hide their participation in order to repeat the attack in another place,” the report said analysts.