Sobyanin promised not to build up freed from the squatter areas

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that freed from the squatter areas of the capital will not be built, reports “Interfax”.

“We are implementing a project of improvement of the territories liberated from illegal construction. No new construction in these areas that we are trying to impute, we are not going to do that,” said Sobyanin during the meeting with the participants of electronic referendums “Active citizen”, created on the initiative of the government of Moscow.

The mayor stressed that the projects will necessarily be implemented, despite their complexity. He also noted that the improvement is not only in the center and in the peripheral areas of the city, for example, on Prospekt Mira, the Warsaw and Kashirsky highway.

Earlier in blogs there was information that on the site of the demolished shopping center “Pyramid” in the metro “Pushkinskaya” set construction fences. Netizens suggested that in place of TTS, eliminated as a squatter, again began construction.

Large-scale demolition of the retail pavilions, which in December last year the government admitted the squatter, began on the night of 9 February. The list to be demolished buildings turned 104. Owners and tenants opposed.

On 28 April, the Communist faction in the state Duma sent a request to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation with a request to check the constitutionality of the rule which was used by the Moscow government.

On April 29, the Supreme court upheld the decision of the Moscow authorities about the demolition of the retail pavilions. To challenge, religie tried company “Taganka”, “Crown auto” and “Asterisk”. The court also wanted to address the representatives of the shopping center “Pyramid”, but in the end decided to refuse the claim.

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