Human rights activists reported the death of a family from an airstrike by the US coalition in Syria

In the result of air strikes us-led coalition on the village Arsuf in Northern Syria killed a family of seven people. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights.

According to the center, among the dead were five women and one child. Human rights activists claim that the planes that struck, crossed the Syrian border from Turkey.

The local coordination committees of Syria reported 10 dead, according to AP.

Aref is 8 kilometers from the city of Mari, which is located to the North of Aleppo. Arsuf is located close to the front lines, where fighting between terrorist groups and rebels backed by the US, the Agency said.

From 27 February 2016 in Syria, the cease-fire, which does not apply to groups recognized by the UN security Council as terrorist. The agreement on ceasefire was reached with the participation of Russia and the United States.