A project to create a Russian analogue of Hyperloop is estimated at $12-13 billion

As told RBC head of the Center for the development of passenger railway transport Anatoly Zaitsev, the developed in Russia a project to create a analog Hyperloop podrazumevaet the construction of major highways that would connect Western Russia with the Far East and the North with the South. According to Zaitsev, the first kusok such a transport system should connect the Baltic sea ports to the terminals of Moscow. Here the project participants are going to work out all the technology. “The cost of this project, by Western standards, $21 billion, by our standards it’s about somewhere less than half, i.e. $12-13 billion,” – said Zaitsev.

Zaitsev said that the investor of a Russian analogue of Hyperloop is the investment company Gordon Atlantic. “She signed a document with us that if the government of the Russian Federation will accept our proposal to build magnetogravitational highway connecting the ports of St. Petersburg with a cargo terminal of Moscow, and if we’re going to work on this line, it any mistakes will pay,” — said Zaitsev, explaining that under the error implies several variants of the project. “Engineering projects are always being improved. One option, the second third. I think options three or four will be enough for us,” says Zaitsev

According to him, at the initial stage of work on the project at the expense of the investor was able to create a sample magnetogravitational platform, but subsequently the project will require other means. “At this initial stage of the work we are funded by private money investor did and demonstrated magnetic levitation that we can lift any weight. This platform with the container is located in Saint Petersburg, Leningrad-Baltic motor depot, there can be anyone to come and see. For investor today we finish the equipment of the laboratory, where we will pick up materials for the project. And then, of course, had other money,” — said Zaitsev.

Russia is creating an analogue of Hyperloop

In our Studio in St. Petersburg Kempinski hotel Moika 22 was Anatoly Zaitsev, head of the Scientific-educational center of innovative development of railway passenger transportation.

About that Russia is ready to implement such large-scale projects like the Hyperloop, earlier on Friday said transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. According to him, similar to the project Elon musk has had quite a long time. “In St.-Petersburg University of transport and communications I two years ago got acquainted with the prototype. We can say that the technological principle already implemented”, — said the Minister.

Hyperloop — a high-speed train project, which will move across the vacuum tube and will be able to transport people and goods at the speed of sound and above. The total cost of the project was estimated at $6 billion. the idea was a businessman and innovator, the head of the companies, SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk, whose fortune Forbes estimates at U.S. $10.7 billion (94th place in the global ranking of billionaires).