The Russians were more likely to buy smartphones and tablets on credit

In January-April 2016 the share of smart phones, tablets, cameras and laptops that are bought on credit, the clients of the retailer “Svyaznoy” increased by 25% compared to the same period in 2015, told RBC representative of the company Maria Zaikina. Now sold on credit from 10% to 25% of the devices — depending on the type of product, while a year ago the proportion was 9 to 18%, she said. Respondents RBC representatives of retail chains and banks have confirmed a similar trend.

In “Euroset”, the proportion sold on credit of goods increased by 22% during the same period, told RBC Director of the Department of financial services of the company Elena Rodionova. Retail customers “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) purchased on credit by 21% more devices than a year earlier, in “Eldorado” the index has grown by 60% over the same period, announced the representatives of the companies. MegaFon share gadgets with installment sales for January—April reached 21%, although the average for 2015 was two times less. “Beeline” in a loan now to buy 23% of the products in M. Video — 14%, said company representatives.

Most often, credit buyers “Coherent” acquire smartphones — about 25% of the devices sold with the fundraising, said Zaikina. Also in credit, the retailer sells 10-16% of laptops (depending on the price of the device) and 11% tablets. In “Euroset”, the proportion sold on credit smartphones also increased most strongly by 23%, said Rodionova. M. Video is the number of “credit” of smartphones has increased over the year by half, the number of sold tablets and laptops for loans — by 25% and 17%, respectively, said company representative Yulia Zotova.

Noticed the growth in demand for the purchase of equipment with borrowed funds and in financial institutions. The number of loans to purchase consumer electronics in the Bank “home Credit” (partner Svyaznoy, Euroset, M. Video, etc.) has increased 1.8 times in Jan-April 2016 in comparison with the same period of 2015, told RBC representative of the company IREN Shkarovskaya. OTP Bank sales on credit digital gadgets in Q1 grew year-on-year more than doubled, said a company representative.

“The increase in the share of credit purchases directly caused by the reduction in real incomes”, — said Zaikina from Svyaznoy. Agree Rodionova of “Euroset”: “Prices for most products increased, while wages for the majority of the population remained at pre-crisis level”. Among other factors affecting the increase in “credit purchases”, — the increase in commodity prices, the volatility of the exchange rate and the subsequent increase in inflation expectations, lists Shkarovskaya of “home Loan”.

The increase in the share of sales on credit volatility in exchange rates and connects the representative of “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”). With sharp jumps of exchange rates observed and a one-time surge of demand for loans, confirms Zaikina: for example, in late January, when the dollar “struck” the mark of 80 rubles. and people began to buy more flagship devices. The representative of the OTP Bank believes that the growth in the number of purchases on borrowed funds associated with the stabilization of the situation on the market as a whole, so customers began to buy on credit not only commodities, but also, for example, new models of mobile phones.

In addition, the retailers have become more active to stimulate demand is to hold more stock and offer installments, with the result that many consumers who previously bought the gadgets for cash, started taking them in installments or on credit, adds Shkarovskaya. According to Zaikina, the first surge in lending for the device the company experienced in January, and it was indeed caused by “artificial” factor is the active promotion of programs installment in retail. But in the subsequent three months the share of credit purchases, compared to the same periods last year continued to grow. According to Zaikina, this suggests that in 2016, the loans were the key driver of the market for personal electronics.

An additional incentive was the reduced cost of borrowing. “In January and February last year were not loans without overpayments” — the representative “Eldorado” Yulia Zavyalova. In early 2015 there was a decline in the market of POS-lending (loans for the purchase of certain goods) because of the increase in the key rate of the Central Bank, agree from Zotova M. Video”. Now loans are available now than a year ago, confirms Zaikina. The most popular loan term for gadgets — 9-10 months, she says.

Loan rates that retailers offer customers for the purchase of devices, tens of percent, it follows from the information on their sites. For example, the “Coherent” low rate on the loan — 21,14% per annum, it gives a “home Loan” for 10 months. The maximum rate among loans of the retailer 60% of the “Tinkoff Bank” for 3-36 months. In “M. Video similar rates: the minimum rate is 31.7%, a maximum of 54%. According to the Central Bank of Russia, the average rate on loans to individuals for a period of one year extended by 30 largest banks in February stood at 23.8%.