Greek rescuers found the wreckage of a probable Egyptian A320

Greek ship involved in the search for the missing aircraft EgyptAir, found two large floating object that could be wreckage disappeared in the night of may 19 of the liner A320. About it reports Reuters, citing Greek television.

The objects found in the sea 230 miles South of Crete, the TV reported, citing a source in the defense Ministry of Greece. It’s large pieces of plastic red and white. They were close to the search area for the missing aircraft. According to the source, from the area the distress signal originated.

That after the disappearance was received a distress signal, reported by the media, the authorities denied it TV.

Liner a-320, carrying out flight on a route Paris – Cairo, disappeared from radar screens at 3:39 GMT, not far from the Greek Islands of Karpathos and Kassos. According to the Ministry of defense of Greece, before he disappeared he made a sharp maneuver and decrease; 90 degrees to left and then 360 degrees to the right.

Onboard the airplane there were 66 people, including 15 French nationals and one citizen of UK.