Volleyball Gamova and Sokolova has declared end of sports career

Russian volleyball player, two-time world champion, 11-time Russian champion Ekaterina Gamova has declared end of sports career. The corresponding statement Gamow made the TV channel “Match TV”.

“I would like to thank all of my fans, coaches who participated in the development of me as a sportsman, my family who always supported me, and to announce the completion of a career,” said Gamow.

Volleyball player explained his decision by the fact that to pursue a career she does not allow the condition.

“Health doesn’t allow me to take part in the Olympic games. It all happened in the last days. It was a conversation with the coach and accepting my decisions. It gave me a hard time, but I think he’s right because he thought of everything,” — said the athlete.

Gamow said that the question of its participation in the pre-Olympic gathering “were decided a very long time.” “Was the coaching Council. The decision for the coach, too, was heavy,” said Gamow.

The volleyball player of Russian national team and Kazan club “Dynamo”, 35-year-old Ekaterina Gamova, has twice won the World Championships and Europe, and has twice won the Olympic “silver”. The staff of the club “Uralochka”, the Moscow and Kazan “Dynamo” Gamov 11 times won the Championships of Russia.