“Transaero” has filed a lawsuit against its former CEO

“Transaero” has submitted to Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region the claim, the Respondent who is the former General Director of airline Dmitry Saprykin, the filing of arbitration cases. The essence of the claim submitted and the amount of claims requirements were not disclosed. Is not assigned and the starting date of the proceedings on the suit of “Transaero”.

Dmitry Saprykin headed “Transaero” in September 2015 after passage of the airline under the operational control of “Aeroflot”. He Saprykin at the time of appointment was part of the Board of Directors of the largest air carrier of Russia and was the Deputy General Director of “Aeroflot”. As head of “Transaero” Saprykin, in particular, dealt with the issues of transportation of passengers, having on hands tickets stop flights airlines flights of “Aeroflot” and its “daughters”.

In October 2016 the Board of Directors “Transaero” has taken the decision to resign Saprykin. Co-owner S7, Natalia Fileva, companion and husband Vladislav Filev which had planned to buy 51% of actions “Transaero”, explained the shift Saprykin conflict of interest, as well as the fact that he as CEO has signed the report on verification of the Federal air transport Agency on the basis of which Rosaviatsia revoked the air operator certificate of the airline.

Aeroflot initially refused to recognize the decision to shift Saprykina, however, in November 2015, he was appointed General Director of airline “Russia”.

In early 2016, the Moscow Arbitration court took the decision on collecting with “Transaero” in favor of “Aeroflot” 2,845 bn In satisfaction of the given “Transaero” of the counterclaim, which the airline indicated the presence in the actions Saprykin on a post of the General Director “Transaero” interest, the court refused.