The Ministry of Finance admitted the launch of the system tax free for the 2018 world Cup

The tax free system, which allows tourists from abroad to reclaim the VAT from the purchased in Russia products, can make to the world Cup in 2018 or earlier, said Deputy Minister of Finance Ilya Trunin.

“With the 2017-2018 year can earn, it would be good reputation, if this will work to the 2018 world Cup in football, this landmark, it is quite reasonable”, — quotes the official TASS.

“The losses will be small, if there is growth in sales, then [the loss] will be partly offset by the increase in tax revenues from the profits of commercial enterprises”, — he added.

The Finance Ministry is now discussing how to return tax to the buyers who export goods outside the Customs Union, said Trunin. He said: “Many countries use the tax refund to the outsourcing of such a tool we have, and we have to decide whether or not”. When you apply tax free should study further the question of whether a tax resident of a country is a buyer, said Trunin.