The media reported the interception of five Russian aircraft on the border with Estonia

Eurofighter Typhoon RAF

According to British newspaper the Telegraph, Typhoon fighters were raised into the sky after reports that Russian aircraft entered the international airspace East and North of the border with Estonia. The publication says that it was about four su-27, as well as reconnaissance Il-20.

The British military claimed that Russian pilots didn’t get in touch with dispatch services, as well as not passed identification code. There is no evidence that the aircraft violated the airspace of Estonia.

Five days ago, the British fighters were up in the air also on the border with Estonia. Then the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom reported the presence in international airspace by Russian military transport aircraft, which also did not respond to queries by radio.

The Royal air force planes were deployed in Estonia on the basis of Amari in the end of April in the framework of police mission of NATO in the Baltic States. In addition to these airspace guarded by Portuguese planes based at the air base in Lithuania.