The Internet has earned a site with examples of dangerous driver behavior

A frame from a video with an example of reckless driving called “checkers”

According to “open government”, the website “openevidence.of the Russian Federation” developed with the participation of the government Commission on ensuring road safety, organizations, TV show “Main road” and the experts of the Open government on behalf of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. His appearance are part of the public discussion of the draft resolution of the government introducing the concept of “dangerous driving”.

Examples of dangerous behavior on roads are called multiple rebuilds (the so-called “checkers”), trimming when changing lanes, failure to a safe distance, failure to comply with a lateral interval, sudden braking in front of another vehicle, and obstruction of overtaking.

In each case, the site visitors offered the cartoon, which shows an example of creating an emergency situation because of wrong driver behaviour, as well as records from surveillance cameras

The amendments relating to “dangerous driving”, developed on behalf of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev since last year. Originally, the term included a refusal to give way to the vehicles with priority right of way, rebuild in heavy traffic, unreasonable, sharp braking, overtaking the obstacle, and the violation distance and a lateral interval.

Traffic police after the first round of public hearings has modified the document to make it more detailed.