The EU condemned the “harassment and intimidation” of the Crimean Tatars

The European Union has issued a condemnation of Russian policy in the Crimea. The statement is timed to the 72nd anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars, which is celebrated on Wednesday, may 18. Read out on behalf of the EU delegation in Ukraine, the statement also expresses the position of the Brussels and published on the website of the European external action service (EEAS).

Crimean Tatars, according to the European Union, again face harassment and intimidation”. “The prohibition of a peaceful, independent public respect to the memory of historical tragedy of the Crimean Tatars is unacceptable,” the statement reads. The EU also called an “unspeakable assault” on the rights of the Tatar population of the Crimea is the recent ban of the governing body of the Majlis as an extremist organization.

Earlier in April, the EEAS head Federica Mogherini has called the ban of the Mejlis of the “attack on the rights of the Crimean Tatars as a whole.” As then, European diplomats have expressed concern on the situation of human rights in the Crimea and Sevastopol since their illegal annexation by Russia”.

In March, the Brussels urged UN member States to support the resolution of 27 March 2014 and to join the sanctions against the Crimea and its inhabitants. The Russian foreign Ministry has found this requirement signs “arrogant disrespect” of Brussels to the Crimean people. In may, the political scientists of the Valdai club, presenting the project “reset” of relations between Russia and Europe, called the EU sanctions against the Crimea “punishment”, which is contrary to “basic notions of human rights”.

The discussion of the Crimean Tatars broke out this weekend after winning the song contest “Eurovision” Ukrainian singer Jamala with the song about the fate of the Crimean Tatar people. Petition for revision of results of competition has already reached 360 thousand votes, although the organizers of “Eurovision” refuse to do it.