SK called the action game “greeted Hitler” Rostov students

Rostov schoolchildren, which the media allegedly caught in greeting Adolf Hitler happy birthday Nazi salute, in fact, played a game of “Show me where the sun”. To such conclusion came from the Investigative Committee (IC), which carried out the inspection on the fact of publication, according to the website of the administration of Rostov region.

On 22 April on the website Life published an article under the title “the Rostov schoolchildren Nazi salute Hitler congratulated happy birthday”. It was alleged that a student of eighth grade of a local school on April 20, the birthday of the Nazi leader, shared in social networks a photo in which teenagers hold hands in a Nazi salute. A source at the school said that the day spent with them preventive discussion, the head teacher and the school psychologist.

According to SK, the photo was taken on April 14 and published 19 APR. Allegations that students were congratulated by Hitler, were not confirmed, said the Department.

“As follows from the explanations of students, in the pictures they are shown during the game Show, where the sun”, the meaning of which is that any people from the company suddenly had to shout “show me where the sun”, and the rest quickly show where the sun is, in this case the loser is the one who last responded to the command”, — stated in the SC.

Intent on inciting hatred or enmity, and also propaganda of Nazi symbols, the investigators found. They refused to bring a case under part 1 of article 282 (inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity). SK stressed that all students are brought up in wealthy families and participate in various activities historical orientation”.