In the state Duma decided to forbid collectors to give microloans

The state Duma Committee on financial market supported the government amendment, which prohibits collection agencies to engage in microfinance activities, reports “Interfax”.

At the same time the Committee recommended the state Duma to adopt in the second reading the draft law regulating the order of interaction of collectors and other creditors from individuals when collecting debts.

“We proceeded from the fact that the activities of debt collection and interaction with debtors is an activity special. To regulate this activity and creates a registry of collectors. Those organizations that will not be in this registry will not be subject to restrictions on the availability of the necessary equipment, fixing all contacts. And most importantly — these organizations will not be subject to the chief risk, which will force them to act correctly with the debtors. This risk exclusion from the registry of collectors,” — said at a meeting of the Committee, Deputy Director of the Department of financial and banking activities Ministry of economic development Mikhail Beshtoev (quoted by “Interfax”).

The amendments to the second reading also stipulates that at the expiration of 4 months from the date of occurrence of overdue debts the borrower has the right to cease communication with the creditor. However, after the entry into force of the decision of the court may extend this period for another 2 months.

“This is done because the borrower need to explain that if the borrower refuses cooperation with the creditor, then the court bailiffs service, and it is plus 7% of the amount of the claimed debt,” — said at the meeting, the head of the Committee on Finance Nikolai Gonchar.