In Moscow declared “orange” level of danger because of heavy rains

In Moscow declared the penultimate “orange” level of risk, which means the probability of natural disasters and damage, according to the website of the Hydrometcenter of Russia.

This time on the capital are approaching showers and thunderstorms that will be accompanied by a strong East wind gusts of which can reach 12-17 meters per second. The air temperature in the next two days will hold on at level +15-17 degrees, at night +9-12 degrees, weather forecasters predict.

In the reports TASS said that during the 19 and 20 may in the capital may fall to 33 mm of precipitation, accounting for over 60% of the monthly norm of precipitation. The normal rainfall in may is 51 mm.

Weekend in the capital will also be rainy, but the intensity of the precipitation to fall as daytime temperatures, which will fall by 3-4 degrees.

The last time the “orange” level of danger in Moscow was introduced on may 11 because of the threat of fires.