In Ecuador there was a second during the day, the earthquake of magnitude 6.8

To the North-West of the capital of Ecuador, Quito earthquake of a magnitude of 6.8. About it reports Reuters, citing data from the U.S. Geological survey.

The epicenter of earthquake was located at 82 km to the South of the Esmeraldas Canton. Initially, the aftershock was rated a magnitude 6.9, but later it was reduced.

This earthquake was the second for the last day. Aftershocks of magnitude 6.7 occurred in the same district in the night of Wednesday, may 17. As a result of earthquakes in some coastal areas the electricity was cut off.

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, said that the focus of the night of the earthquake was located 368 km from Quito. He added that some people received minor injuries, were also partially destroyed a number of buildings. However, the warning about the tsunami threat was not announced.

In mid-April off the coast of Ecuador, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8. As a result of natural disasters killed more than 650 people, injured 2740 people. Because aftershocks were destroyed almost 7 thousand houses. This disaster was the largest in the country for the last 37 years, when the victims of the earthquake were 200 people.

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The consequences of a powerful earthquake in Ecuador

On the night of 17 April in Ecuador, a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The death toll has exceeded 75 people, about 600 were injured. The most serious damage was…

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