Chelsea and Nike signed the second biggest deal in English football

Football club “Chelsea” the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich and the American sportswear manufacturer Nike Inc. signed the second-largest in English football sponsorship deal, reported Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the matter.

According to them, in the next ten years Nike is going to pay Chelsea £60 million ($87 million) per season for what players the club will come out to the matches of the English Premier League in its form.

Director Chelsea public Affairs Steve Atkins and a representative of Nike Kejuan Wilkins declined to comment on Bloomberg the deal.

To sign a contract with Nike, “Chesley” was to terminate a ten-year contract with Adidas, which the parties renewed in 2013. For this, as reported on may 11, the German manufacturer, he will receive from the London club $57 million

While Adidas noted that early termination of the contract with Chelsea will allow him to continue implementing its business plan, which involves reducing the partnership with sports teams.

The largest sponsorship deal was struck between Adidas and Manchester United”. The company pays the club £75 million per season for the right to dress the team players in its shape.

Players “Chelsea” should appear in the form of a Nike in July 2017.