The court released the suspected of preparing terrorist attacks in Kiev Russian woman

Sienkowski district court of Kyiv rejected the petition of a consequence about prolongation of term of detention of Russian citizen Anastasia Leonova, which was previously arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack, said the lawyer Leonova, Maxim Kozub.

“The investigative judge Bugil refused satisfaction of the petition of the investigator on the extension of Nastia period of detention. Motivation — lack of substantiation of suspicions,” Kozub wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to him, according to court definition, Leonova was a deadline of detention until 17 may. The lawyer also quoted in his Facebook statement the Leonova.

“I don’t know what I should now enjoy. When the man who held in the amount of 150 days in jail, return, finally, freedom, which he so originally and rightfully belonged to and was illegally, unreasonably chosen, what’s to celebrate? I’ll be glad when they see behind bars those who me this freedom deprived”, — quotes the words Kozub Leonova.

Leonov was detained in Kiev in December 2015. It suspected of preparing terrorist acts on the territory of the country. As Gubsky reported the TV channel “Gromadska” a Russian accused of preparing terrorist attacks in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities as part of a group headed by a certain Oleg Muzhchil. The last was shot in Kiev apartment on the night of December 10 in the assault by fighters of division of the SBU.

Leonov denied the allegations. According to her, she was familiar with Mujchinam, but none of the attacks did not prepare.

On 5 March the Russian woman was released from jail. After that, the SBU sent a petition to the court about her arrest. March 16, Leonov was arrested again.