The company of billionaire Timchenko zainteresovalas garbage removal from Lebanon

The garbage in one of the cities of Lebanon

“Stroytransgaz” Gennady Timchenko (Forbes estimates his fortune at $11.4 billion) can participate in the tender of the authorities of Lebanon on the export of municipal solid waste (MSW). This is stated in the company’s response to a request to RBC. “We do not exclude that it is an open question,” the company said.

In February, RIA “Novosti” wrote that the Lebanese authorities want to withdraw from Beirut and 5 million tons of debris and is ready to allocate $50 million to the Problem of garbage in Beirut and other cities of Lebanon appeared in the summer of 2015 after the closure of the landfill “Naama” and end of the contract with the company “Soklin” cleaning and waste removal.

On Tuesday, April 17, the Agency RIA “Novosti” reported with reference to the representative of the Ministry of natural resources Nikolay Gudkov, that “Stroytransgaz” has addressed in the Ministry with a request to negotiate a contract for waste disposal from Lebanon to Russia. Gudkov confirmed RBC fact of appeal. According to him, the Ministry said companies that do not have the authority to issue transboundary movement of waste. He explained that the question of issuing permits for the movement of wastes controlled by the Basel Convention and in Russia for this topic meets the Rosprirodnadzor.The representative of Rosprirodnadzor said that the Agency had not received the treatment of “Stroytransgaz”.

In response to “Stroytransgaz” RBC stated that the company was not sent to Ministry of environment for approval the draft contract and the import of solid waste to Russia from Lebanon. This is possible only after solving the question of how to dispose the garbage without affecting the environment. “According to experts “Stroytransgaz” have to be complied with all environmental regulations <…>. The company takes full responsibility for the observance of environmental issues,” — said in the company’s response.

The head of the toxic program “Greenpeace Russia” Dmitry Artamonov explained that under the Basel Convention to transport waste only from less developed countries to more developed. Thus, for the realization of this project Russia needs to get out of it, emphasizes Artamonov. But even in this case, it is unclear what capacity Stroytransgaz planned to process the waste. “In Russia there are no large facilities for processing. Its level is only 4% of the volume of waste, while in Europe is recycled 40% of waste,” — said Artamonov. The import of waste into Russia from third countries for burial or disposal is expressly prohibited by law, he says.

According to General Director of RT-invest (subsidiary of the state Corporation “rostec”, waste management practices) Andrei Shipelov, the implementation of such projects is advisable only if you have the necessary capacity for processing and if you clearly read the Economics of the project. “If I was offered a part in such a project, based on the data available, I would have thought for a long time, because in Russia so much garbage,” said Shipilov.

From an economic point of view, the garbage may be more profitable to transport from Lebanon to the sea in the Krasnodar region and the Crimea, said the head of the movement “Green alternative” Oleg Mitvol. According to Nassau County Long Island NY Junk Removal Rubbish – Appliance | Debris Removal, the cost of transportation of one ton in this case will be $15-18 million, and during transportation by land could grow to $70 million per ton. Mitvol fears that the garbage disposal in the Krasnodar region and the Crimea could destroy these resorts.

Someone had forged a letter to the Ministry of environment?

The Ministry of environment has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the request to verify the forged letter from the Ministry to the authorities of Lebanon, allegedly with the approval of the importation of garbage from Lebanon to Russia. About it RBC said Gudkov. In February, Gudkov told RIA “News” that the Ministry of environment was informed about the letter from the staff of the Embassy of Lebanon. “Such letters of the Ministry of Russia were sent. The document is counterfeit, tampered with, in particular, the signature, seal and the form of the document”, — said Gudkov. The interior Ministry promptly to comment on the situation failed.