The Prime Minister of Pakistan has offered to investigate the materials “Panamanian archive”

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif addressed the Parliament with a proposal to create a Commission to investigate “materials of the Panama archive”. “I can confidently say that not a single penny has flowed not from Pakistan,” Sharif told Parliament. He stated that he made his money long before he took the post of Prime Minister.

The opposition representatives left the meeting, arguing that the Prime Minister avoided questions concerning the mention in the documents of his family, according to Reuters. According to one of the opposition leaders, the Prime Minister did not answer a single question. “We didn’t want to hear this long story. He just had to provide documents to Parliament, as would have done in his place I,” said the leader of the party PTI of Imran Khan.

The opposition saw in the scandal in “the Panama archives” the ability to remove Sharif from his post, the Agency said.

In the article “Panamanian dossier”, which were published in early April, mentioned offshore companies, allegedly owned by the Sharif children. From the material presented in the investigation, it appears that three children of Sharif registered in the British virgin Islands at least four offshore companies, which owned at least six houses in London worth millions of dollars.

After the publication of “the Panama document” special investigation Commission agreed to form the chairmen of the majority faction of the European Parliament. Also the relevant Commission was created in Uruguay.