Poland cancelled the visa going to Greece the biker club “Night wolves”

The Polish authorities cancelled entry visas to a number of participants in the pilgrimage of the “Holy Mountain” in Greece, which was organized by the motorcycle club “Night wolves”. This was stated by the head of the mileage Vadim strogoff, reports TASS.

He explained that due to the cancellation of visas, some motorcyclists are unable to get to the route under its own power. “In order to complete the job, we had to fly to Thessaloniki by plane and rent a motorbike on the spot”, — said sternly.

According to him, currently in Greece there are about 30 participants, although initially it was planned to take part more than 160 people.

The pilgrimage of the “Holy Mountain” is from 12 to 20 may 2016. The bikers are going to visit the Orthodox monasteries of mount Athos and other Orthodox churches of Greece and the places of military glory of the Russian army in the Balkans.

Earlier, Poland was denied entry into the country “Night wolves”, who participated in the rally “Roads of Victory in Berlin.” The Polish foreign Ministry has explained that the desire to ensure the protection of public order. But despite the ban, in the end, the bikers still managed to get to Berlin.