Over ten people died during the attack by the militants at the plant in Baghdad

11 people became victims of militants attacked a gas processing plant on the Northern outskirts of Baghdad, another 21 were injured, Reuters reported police sources. Responsibility for attack was assumed by “the Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

At the same time, the Agency Associated Press , citing unnamed officials reported 12 dead. Wounds, according to him, received a 25 soldiers.

A car filled with explosives near the entrance to the enterprise blew up a suicide bomber. After that, the factory stopped another car in which there were at least six militants hung explosives, the Agency said. There they clashed with security personnel.

The conflict was the reason for the arson of three natural gas storage facilities. Then the security services were able to bring the situation under control. Deputy Minister of oil of Iraq Hamid Yunis reported that firefighters were able to extinguish the fire. The plant is now visiting specialists. The firefight lasted about an hour. Arrived at the scene, dozens of police and military vehicles.

Wednesday in bombings in Baghdad and other populated areas of Iraq killed more than 100 people, said AP.