The traffic police explained the criteria for “dangerous driving”

In the traffic police explained what is meant by the term “dangerous driving”. A new version of decrypt the traffic police proposes to amend the rules of the road (SDA). About this newspaper “Kommersant”, which was a document with explanations.

Under dangerous driving, traffic police offers to understand “the repeated Commission of one or more consecutive actions.” The publication notes that, for example, we are talking about the ” failure to give right of way to vehicle when changing lanes from the lanes in the lane and when changing lanes in heavy traffic when all the occupied bands (except u-turn, stopping, turning left or right or swerving).

Traffic police said that to provoke “a situation that poses a threat of death or injury of people, damage to vehicles, structures, goods or causing other material damage” can and other maneuvers. For example, the SAI highlights cases of non-compliance with safe distance to the vehicle travelling in front, lateral interval, and unnecessarily hard braking or obstructing an overtaking.

The publication notes that originally the term had a different interpretation: in the list was failure to give way to the vehicles with priority right of way, rebuild in heavy traffic, unreasonable, sharp braking, overtaking the obstacle, and the violation distance and a lateral interval.

However, the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev has considered this option too difficult and the traffic police after public hearings finalized the draft determination on behalf of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. According to the newspaper, the new draft definition of sent to the Russian government, where it should take the form of amendments to the SDA.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov, told Kommersant that he supported the proposed traffic police interpretation of the term. “The more, the better,” he said.

However, the coordinator of the public movement “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov noted that such formulation could enhance the level of corruption, because the police can interpret violations.

“Here is a man not giving way to ambulance. The inspector may be regarded as a violation of 500 rubles., and maybe — how dangerous driving with deprivation of rights. All this will lead to the growth of corruption,” — said Shkumatov.

Medvedev in late March instructed Shuvalov to discuss the concept of “dangerous driving”. He noted that for the Russian drivers, the term is fairly new, so motorists need to understand exactly what it means. After a few days the first Vice Prime Minister assured that the penalty for “dangerous driving” can be made to the SDA in may.

Shuvalov also said that the ban on dangerous driving, you need to enter for drivers of official cars with flashing lights. However, he noted that the introduction of criminal liability for dangerous driving decelerationrate, however, administrative responsibility, in his opinion, necessary. As a punishment for drivers, discusses options from a fine of 5 thousand rubles. to the deprivation of rights and criminal responsibility.

In mid-March the situation on the roads was discussed at the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council. Then President Vladimir Putin called for tougher punishment for traffic violations and noted that statistics on the number of road traffic victims is a “nightmare”.