The football Federation of Kosovo adopted in FIFA

The international football Federation (FIFA) adopted in its composition of Kosovo, according to Twitter, the FIFA.

To accept Kosovo in FIFA, voted by 141 member of the FIFA Congress, against were cast 23 votes. Kosovo became a member of the 210 FIFA. The Congress participants also adopted in the Federation Gibraltar.

This decision will allow the team to fall of the Republic in the qualifying group for the next world Cup, which Russia will host in 2018. Previously, Kosovo has already adopted in UEFA. Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said that Russia and Kosovo should be diluted in the qualifying rounds of major international competitions..

Serbia opposed the decision of FIFA. On the website of the office for Kosovo and Metohija said that the Federation “took on the role of the political organ, instead of addressing sports issues. The Serbian football Association has already filed a lawsuit in the court of Lausanne in which asks to cancel the decision on the acceptance of Kosovo in UEFA. “We expect that the abolition of the UEFA decision at the court in Lausanne will result in the cancellation of today’s decision of FIFA”, — concluded the office.

The interethnic conflict that occurred in Kosovo in 1998 and developed into armed clashes, was the cause of NATO’s intervention, the aircraft which was forced out of the region by Serbian forces. In 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia, it was recognized by more than 110 countries, including 23 of the 28 member States of the EU. Russia the independence of Kosovo does not recognize.