The new Prosecutor General of Ukraine has compared its work with the creation of the “Mona Lisa”

The new Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko is not going to remain in office longer than 1.5 years. He said this to journalists in the Verkhovna Rada, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“I accepted the invitation of Peter Poroshenko about his appointment and immediately said that I view this as a time to 1.5 years. I’m neither in the soul nor in life is not the Prosecutor. I understand that you need to do there, but would like not to stay, I have other views on life,” said Lutsenko.

He said: “For eighteen years, want to new faces under my protection had time to grow and have created exactly the new European Institute.

However, Lutsenko said that the Prosecutor General’s office has no time for “just words”. Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci painted 12 years, one eyes. We don’t even have 12 months to give the public the result. We are not so rich in time again to allow myself just words,” he said.

Ukraine’s Parliament approved Yuriy Lutsenko, head of the faction “block of Petro Poroshenko”, the country’s General Prosecutor on Thursday, may 12. For its adoption voted 264 deputies (with 226 required).

Lutsenko has higher legal education, which until may 12, it was necessary in order to take the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine. On Thursday, the Parliament passed a law abolishing this rule. He was immediately accepted in all readings, quickly signed by President Petro Poroshenko and published in the extra issue of the official newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.